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We’ve all experienced back pain at some point in our lives. As we age, it seems random aches and pains will be an increasingly more common part of life. While that can be true, there are particular pains that you shouldn’t ignore. Areas we need to be extra cautious with include our necks and backs. When should we start to worry about upper back pain? Will it go away on its own? Should we have it checked by a professional? Can more damage be done by simply ignoring the pain?

Is the Pain Sharp or Dull?

Though every situation is different, we hope we can lower anxiety for many people by letting you know a straightforward thing right off the bat. If the pain is a dull ache, chances are you’re in the clear and can get rid of the pain fairly easily. Dull aches are the most common kind of upper back pain and frequently simply mean we are dealing with a pulled muscle or aches created from inactivity. Excessive inactivity accompanied by slouching over a desk or workbench for long periods can create an uncomfortable and unnatural strain on your upper back and shoulders. Try fixing your desk to be more ergonomic. Simply resting a pulled muscle or soaking in a hot tub will help make it feel better. If your pain lasts for more than a couple of weeks, then maybe start to consider seeing a professional.

Sharp pains are much more severe. If you notice that moving a certain way creates a shooting pain that takes your breath away, make an appointment right away. You may have a bulging disc or even a fracture, and ignoring these can almost always increase the likelihood of complications and extensive issues. If you can pinpoint the start of your sharp pain to an incident like a fall or accident of some kind, please don’t hesitate to get it looked at by a professional. 

Any Other Symptoms?

If you’re experiencing symptoms in addition to back pain, you want to be seen urgently. Fevers, for example, can indicate some level of spinal infection, and you will need a prescription to treat the issue. Numbness can indicate a stroke. Chest or jaw pain or tingling can indicate cardiac problems. Side pain can indicate serious kidney issues or stones. None of these symptoms should be ignored and should be treated as an emergency as they may be life-threatening.

Not all accompanying symptoms are life-threatening. If your legs seem weak, you may have slipped a disc, and a simple physical exam could verify the severity and the treatments necessary to help alleviate your issues.  

Chiropractic Health Importance

Regular chiropractic visits to the specialists at Elite Performance Chiropractic will help you understand what’s normal for your body. Part of back pain recognition is self-health and preventative care. Continue your visits to the chiropractor and the massage therapist once a month to help prevent back and muscle problems, especially for athletes and people over age 40. Frequent visits will also help you and the Elite Performance Chiropractic professionals create a baseline understanding of your personal health. Identifying issues as they occur is simpler. Call us at (312) 573-1800 to make your first appointment today!